Boost your product development by outsourcing 

your clinical study procurement ! 


Anticipate your entry in clinical phase and its financing 



Clinical operations

Product management 

Laboratory costs 

     Clinical steps 

     Expenditure planning 

An accurate trial budget estimate is of paramount importance for the financial forecast and to anticipate fundraising needs. We establish the different clinical stages of your projects, including all associated costs in order to give you a clear and comprehensive picture of your clinical development expense planning. This information strengthens your fundraising file.


Select the most suitable partners for your clinical trials

Study definition and specification 

Project organisation 

Regulatory support

Planning and budget estimation 

Evaluating potential suppliers

Drawing up & managing calls for tenders

Quotation analysis and negotiation

Organising bid presentations

Negotiation of budget and contract terms 

Site and vendor qualifications

Synthesis matrix for decision-making 

Supplier selection

Contract signature 

Working jointly with your staff, we customise our selection process approach in line with your needs, expectations and resources. With these cost-effective, time-saving methods, we create value throughout the clinical outsourcing process for a successful partnership and a competitive advantage.



Mitigating risks for a successful study 

Communication and governance plan

Stakeholder coordination

Budget control and management of change orders

Study risk management plan 

Regulatory compliance supervision

Performance evaluation with KPI



To complete the procurement for your clinical study, we monitor its progress and budget. With our quality-driven successful trials and proactive management tools, we manage interactions with your partners and evaluate the performance of the project.